Hi. We have an InstallShield 2013 project that just started giving this error: the installation of Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable package (x86) appears to have failed upon running the install. Before I checked and this was not even marked as a prerequisite, so I added it and nothing changed - we still get the error. Someone just noticed that on her machine under control panel uninstall it shows as installed as C++ 2005 SP1... version 8.0.61001 and the version that I just downloaded from the Microsoft site is 8.0.59193 so this could be the problem although I don't even know where that number comes from. It's the version that I see in Control Panel Uninstall or change a program. When I right-click the vcredist_x86.exe file I see 6.00.3790.0.

Any help would be much appreciated.