I am new to install anywhere. My product needs a particular action that will read a "enhanced" manifest file that allows the manifest file to contain user and group file/directory ownership. Being that the product is being installed as root/administrator I need the ability to set a files user and group ownership and I would like to have that ready from the manifest.

I began to look into a CustomCodeAction/CustomCodeActionBuilder in order to create a plugin that would enhance the InstallFromManifest feature to also read the user/group name/id/variable from the manifest file. I am not understanding how Actions contribute to files being added to the install archive. That is what I would like to accomplish. I would like to create a action that acts like InstallFromManifest that I can use to 1) during build read from a file and gather source files to put into the install archive, 2) during install read the manifest file to take files from the install archive and put them in the $USER_INSTALL_DIR$ with particular permissions and ownership and 3) during uninstall reads the manifest to determine what needs to be uninstalled.

Can you please suggest a method to do this?

Kevin J. Smith.