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Thread: MSI Error 2842 No text field was found on the error dialog.

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    lukas.schulze Guest
    where are my latest replies? Both Sulitioons dont cover this bug.

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    lukas.schulze Guest
    Does noone has an idea for this case? I need valid Errors for my customers. They need to call us for every small problem with installation.

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    lukas.schulze Guest
    I found a possible solution. Iam not sure yet but:

    No Text field was found on the error dialog < says excatly whats problem. There is no "errortext" Textfield in your Errordialog.

    My Textfield was called "text".

    Fix it and it will work again.

    This is first solution for this bug world wide i searched ~2 years for it and finally found it where i was migrating a ISM in our team.

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