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Thread: Problems in the begining of the build : UpdateServiceException

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    Problems in the begining of the build : UpdateServiceException

    I was using Installanywhere2015 to package out product. But recently it pops up errors like:

    UpdateService-Err>isus.UpdateServiceException: The server digitally signed its response with an untrusted certificate.  Bad chain.
    This wasn't happened on last month's build, I 'm wondering why it's there now since I didn't change anything between the period.
    Is there something wrong with the license server?

    I just did "./build -unregister"and "./build -ls 27000@<MyLicenseServerIP>" and it returned successfully (You have successfully registered this copy of InstallAnywhere.).

    So is there any other to verify whether the license server is fine?

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    Seeing the same thing in IA 2017

    We're seeing the same error with IA 2017.

    It looks like the error is the communication between IA and it's Update Service. Besides the reported errors during automated builds, it's causing the automated builds and the IA GUI to take longer to start up. Which is killing the change/build/debug cycle with installers.

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