Hi all,
We had below two versions of our product:

For the 11.2.1200 version we made change to make it a 'Major Upgrade' so that if
earlier versions are installed on the machine then installing this new version will cause
the earlier versions to be uninstalled automatically first.

When version 11.2.1100 installed and if we install 11.2.1200 then everything is fine.

However when version 11.1.1200 is installed and if we install 11.2.1100 then the
entry for the version 11.2.1100 is still left behind in 'Programs and Features' -> ' Uninstall or Change programs'

Why is that? How to solve this please? Why does the entry for 11.2.1100 get removed but not 11.1.1200 ?

thanks in advance.