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Thread: Sub-net popuation from Business Adapter

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    Quote Originally Posted by dsalter View Post
    Our active directory team has stopped managing all subnets in AD so I no longer have them coming to FNMS to be assigned to a Beacon.

    I am looking to create a business adapter to populate subnets from a DB or excel file.

    Does anybody have any experience with this and could you share any tips on how you are populating the data? Possibly even share the business adapter with me?


    Damon, hi.
    I've been recently working on an adapter to build out rules, actions, targets, and subnets.

    I've just finished the population of sites and subnets, and the assigning to beacons.
    So it can be done, but the adapter uses all custom queries so it only works will FNMS on Premise installations.

    For the sites/subnets part, there are sets of stored procedures in the FNMSCompliance database that are useful.
    I've used:

    Create a site with a given name

    delete all subnets under a given Site

    add subnets all at once from a temp table. You need to build out the #SiteSubnet table (check the stored procedure code of the table definition)

    this is the mapping between the Beacon and the subnet. Again build out a temp table first.

    I can create the targets, create devices under the targets (IP Addresses), sites, subnets, bind beacons to subnets, and create and configure Actions.
    The only thing I can't do currently is create the XML for creating a rule schedule.


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    Quote Originally Posted by jasonlu View Post
    For the sites/subnets part, there are sets of stored procedures in the FNMSCompliance database that are useful.
    I've used:
    One slight word of caution in using stored procedures like these: database stored procedures are generally considered internal interfaces of the system. As such, they are not documented and there is no guarantee the interfaces will not change from one release of FlexNet Manager Suite to the next. It will be up to you to detect changes if and when changes are made as Flexera doesn't publish information about internal interface changes.

    With that said, I suspect there have not been any changes over the last few years related to the specific stored procedures that @jasonlu has noted, so the probability of change in any particular release is quite low.

    Chris @ Flexera

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