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Thread: IsCmdBld.exe not signing InstallScript project

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    IsCmdBld.exe not signing InstallScript project

    Installshield 2015 - Premier Edition with Virtualization Pack
    Version 22
    Service Pack 2

    I have an installscript project that has a filled in signing tab in the releases view.
    When I build from Installshield itself the setup.exe output files are signed correctly.

    When I build the project from the commandline via iscmdbld.exe on another system, the setup.exe files is NOT signed, hence I got no error in the build log. On this build system I have Installshield 2015 SP1 Standalone Build (v22.1.0000).

    Is this a known issue?

    PS: I do not link this issue to installing the Service Pack 2 last week, as the problem I mentioned could be there for an already long time. My eye just never felt on it... But it also could
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