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Thread: Embedding Python installation via exe file

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    Embedding Python installation via exe file


    Our software package offers the user the option to install Python.

    Python used to be included in my basic msi project as a chained MSI. However Python have now stopped providing MSIs and I therefore need to include it as an executable.

    I haven't been able to add it as a "New EXE" custom action (deferred) because the Python installer complains that another installation is already in progress...

    Is there any way to include the Python installer executable other than by including it as a prerequisite? Should the "New EXE" custom action work?

    Thank you,

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    chad.petersen Guest
    It sounds to me like the new EXE from Python includes an MSI nested inside of it. That's what is throwing the error is you have one MSI already running and when you run the EXE it sounds like it is unpacking an MSI and trying to run it. Can't have two MSI files in Execute mode at the same time in this fashion.


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    The Phyton package is created with WiX-Toolkit.

    You can extract the sources with:

    dark.exe python-3.6.2.exe -x .\out

    Then all packages are extracted to "Out" folder.

    Now you can use the different msi packages to bind to your msi.

    But also take care that you include all necessary msi and msu packages and call with the correct parameters.

    The msu packages are necessary for some OS to use VC14 (Visual C++ 2015) runtimes.



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    It looks like there are around 12 extracted msi packages, and running those msi packages still did not seem to install Python correctly.

    Is running an EXE custom action not possible at all?

    Thanks for your replies.


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    The answer is no if the Python EXE has embedded MSI.
    The solution to manage this is to create a InstallShield SUITE project. This will allow you to handle 'chaining' multiple MSI packages within a single installer.
    Dan Lee

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