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Thread: Suite Installer Question

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    Quote Originally Posted by chad.petersen View Post
    Ah, yes, you are using the old InstallScript-only project type.

    It is going to copy each package into their own folders from wherever it is picking them up from. I'd imaging copying that much data would take some time.

    We figured out my copy issue, I had to turn of cache path.

    That said, for some reason each component installs properly but I always get a "failure to install, would you like to continue" message. It also launched prior to the exe being kicked off it seems... Thoughts on what that could even be?

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    Hi Don,

    InstallShield SUITE has the concept of packages. There are two types of packages, dependent packages, and primary packages.
    From the chain of messages, it appears you have a pure InstallScript installer to handle the large file issue mentioned.
    The suite installer should have an 'eligibility condition' that it evaluates to see if the package is installed.

    The first thing to check is your InstallScript package and verify that it is set as the primary package.

    Second check the 'Eligibility Condition' for this package in your suite project file. Take your Product Code and Product Version and verify that both are set correctly on the test machine and that the condition evaluates to true correctly based on your Comparison. These values should be located in the registry.

    I haven't worked with InstallScript packages directly yet, but this is the expected behavior of any primary package. At the end of install it checks this condition and if it is false it should display the message you indicate.
    Dan Lee

    Release Engineer

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