Where can I download the "FlexNet Publisher 2016 R2 SP2 ( License Administration Guide"? I think the name should be fnp_LicAdmin_11_14_1_2.pdf. I'll describe where I tried to find this:

1) I went to the Flexera Product and License Center (https://flexerasoftware.flexnetopera...rol/inst/login) and logged in.

2) I clicked on "FlexNet Licensing"

3) I then clicked on "FlexNet Publisher"

4) At this point, I saw the following and thought that the rest would be a no-brainer:

Name:  FNP documentation 1.png
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5) I clicked on "FlexNet Publisher Documentation (" and it showed me these files to download:

Name:  FNP documentation 2.png
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6) I did not see a file called fnp_LicAdmin_11_14_1_2.pdf, so I thought that it might be fnp_11.14.1.1_doclib.pdf. I downloaded that, however, and it is the "FlexNet Publisher 2016 R2 SP1 ( Installation Guide".

Where can I find fnp_LicAdmin_11_14_1_2.pdf (FlexNet Publisher 2016 R2 SP2 ( License Administration Guide). A colleague of mine, who no longer works for our company, found the last version of this document and it was called fnp_LicAdmin_11_14_1_1.pdf.

Thanks for your help.