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Thread: How to get Program files x64 folder path in Suite Installer - Install script?

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    Exclamation How to get Program files x64 folder path in Suite Installer - Install script?

    Hi friends,

    In my suite installer , i have to set the program files folder path based on x64 and x86.
    To my surprise, even if you do

    SuiteGetProperty("ProgramFiles64Folder", szProgDir);

    Suite Installer, sets it to Program files (x86) folder on a 64 bit machine. Why is it so?

    Currently i did a work-around to fetch the details using Environment variable, but i want to know the reason behind this issue - Why ProgramFiles64Folder doesnt return the correct value?

    Any thoughts guys?


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    chad.petersen Guest
    This information makes me think that InstallScript is 32-bit only.


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    I'm pretty sure the suite installer invokes a 64-bit process called "Setup64" to handle 64-bit installs. Can't say I've ever had an issue with ProgramFiles64Folder - it always seems to be set correctly in my suite installers on a 64-bit OS.

    I use it to construct INSTALLDIR for the package installers. At what point in the install process are you displaying its contents?

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    chad.petersen Guest
    I agree with what you are seeing. I did this

    SuiteGetProperty("ProgramFiles64Folder", szProgDir);
    SuiteLogInfo("The folder is " + szProgDir);

    scheduled it during OnBegin

    Then ran

    setup.exe /debuglog"C:\log.txt"

    In the log file I see these entries. you can see the 4th line logs the result of the variable being set. Same result as you describe.

    8-8-2017[02:17:29 PM]: Running event 'NewAction'
    8-8-2017[02:17:29 PM]: Launching InstallScript action in function 'MyFunction'
    8-8-2017[02:17:29 PM]: Engine: request for proxy handler, 0, 0
    8-8-2017[02:17:31 PM]: (ISP Action): The folder is C:\Program Files (x86)\
    8-8-2017[02:17:31 PM]: Action returned value 0x00000000
    8-8-2017[02:17:31 PM]: Action 'NewAction' returned status 0x00000000

    I did notice when running the Suite installer that the Setup.exe it launches appears in Task Manager as Setup.exe *32 indicating it is a 32-bit process.


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