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Thread: My app developed with InstallAnywhere 2010 version fails to install in Window 10

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    InstallAnywhere 2010 version fails to install in Windows 10 operating system

    I have been using a quite older version of InstallAnywhere tool , it is 2010 version, The application works fine with all other Operating Systems except Windows 10. Can someone please guide me through the steps to fix it. I am just a beginner in InstallAnywhere.
    Thanks in advance.
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    WIndows 10 installation failure with InstallAnywhere 2010

    HI, Can someone help me in resolving the issue. Also, please let let me know in case InstallAnywhere 2010 doesnt work for Windows 2010 OS, can you tell me which version of InstallAnywhere has a fix for this issue?

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    What is the best solution of this problem? Please write.

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