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Thread: Adobe Reader doesn't launch on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10

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    Adobe Reader doesn't launch on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10

    I am trying to launch Adobe Reader and display a pdf file as my install runs. This works well on Windows 7 and earlier versions, but in Window 8.1 and Windows 10, Adobe Reader starts up 2 instances (as seen in Task Manager) but nothing is ever displayed. I am using LaunchAppandWait, but have also tried LaunchApplication and other methods, all give the same result.

    STRING svAdobePathExe;

    function CheckIfAdobeInstalled()
    STRING szKey, svAdobeExe, svAdobePath, svAdobeVerNumInstalled;
    NUMBER nvType, nvSize,nReturn;

    bAdobeInstalled = FALSE;


    szKey = "AcroExch.Document\\shell\\open\\command";
    nReturn = RegDBGetKeyValueEx(szKey, "", nvType, svAdobePathExe, nvSize);
    if nReturn = RETRIEVED_VALUE && svAdobePathExe != "" then
    // Parse svAdobePathExe to remove extra items at end of string
    LongPathToQuote(svAdobePathExe, FALSE); //Remove double quotes
    ParsePath (svAdobeExe, svAdobePathExe, FILENAME_ONLY);
    ParsePath (svAdobePath, svAdobePathExe, PATH);
    svAdobePathExe = svAdobePath + svAdobeExe + ".exe";

    if Is(FILE_EXISTS, svAdobePathExe) = TRUE then
    VerGetFileVersion (svAdobePathExe, svAdobeVerNumInstalled);
    if VerCompare(svAdobeVerNumInstalled, MIN_ADOBE_VERSION, VERSION) = GREATER_THAN ||
    VerCompare(svAdobeVerNumInstalled, MIN_ADOBE_VERSION, VERSION) = EQUALS then
    bAdobeInstalled = TRUE;
    return bAdobeInstalled;


    function Display()
    STRING szCommandLine, strPDF, szProgram;

    szCommandLine = strLicenseFilesDir ^ strPDF;
    LongPathToQuote(szCommandLine, TRUE);
    LaunchAppAndWait(svAdobePathExe, szCommandLine, NOWAIT);

    Thanks for any help!
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    OK, never mind. It is a Windows 10/Adobe Reader issue. Changing Adobe Reader preference enhanced security settings to turn off "Enable protected mode at startup" lets the pdf display

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