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Thread: How to build a project in IS 2012 SAB which is created in IS 2013 professional ?

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    Question How to build a project in IS 2012 SAB which is created in IS 2013 professional ?

    Hello All,

    I am trying to build a Installer Project on InstallShield 2012 SAB which is created in InstallShield 2013 Professional, But I am getting the version upgrade error. So I am looking for its workaround.

    In one of my VM I have installed InstallShield 2013 professional, for development . and in another machine we have InstallShield 2012 Standalone Build for building the project. At this Point we do not want to upgrade the Standalone Build version from Installshield 2012 to InstallShield 2013.
    So is it possible that we develop Installer in InstallShield 2013 professional and then build that project in Installshield 2012 Standalone Build?
    Or is there any another way to do this without upgrading the standalone build version?

    Thanks in Advance

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    Don't do this. If you have 2013 Pro, build with 2013 Pro SAB. You should be entitled to it.

    If there's a compelling reason, I can suggest a way to downgrade the project file on the fly. But it is hacky, and you really don't want to do that if you have any other option. (Not to mention, it might not work if you're using 2013 Pro related functionality).
    Cary R.
    Configuration Engineer

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