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Thread: ISDEV : error -7120: Error building table ISFileManifests

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    ISDEV : error -7120: Error building table ISFileManifests

    I get the following error in the log when trying to build my installshield install. What could be causing this error?

    Component table successfully built
    Loading File table
    Building ISFileManifests table
    ISDEV : error -7120: Error building table ISFileManifests
    Building File table
    Merging modules...

    This is happening on a particular machine. It builds fine on another machine. Doesn't seem anyone else is reporting error -7120 or mentioning any errors building the ISFileManifests table. Any ideas on what to look for to resolve this?

    I wanted to add that this used to work on the same machine, but then it suddenly stopped working. It's as if a Microsoft update was applied that caused it to break perhaps? It was also fine working on another machine, but now that machine is having the same issue. Perhaps an updated got applied to it as well.
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