I have a InstallScript-Project (Installshield 2013 Pro).

The following, unexplainable situation appears:
The computer is rebooted and setup.exe started. When setup.exe encounters locked files during installation, it tried to catch informations in method OnFileLocked(..) about the process, which locks these files. To do this I use handle.exe from sysinternals. A lot of files (most of them are.NET assemblies, one jar-file) are locked by rundll32.exe. Except setup.exe, no other application is running in the background.

In case of locked files I returned ERR_PERFORM_AFTER_REBOOT in method OnFileLocked to informs the user to reboot the computer. But it is inexplicable to me why this situation occurs.

These files, which will be copied over the locked files, are members of a component which has following properties:
- Potentially locked: No
- .NET Assembly: Not a .NET Assembly (because there is no need to perform COM interop registration)

Can anyone explain to me, why rundll32.exe locks this files? Is rundll32.exe possibly used by InstallShield itself during runtime?

Thank you in advance for any suggestions...