Hello All,

I'm using a Basic Installation project.I have a few custom actions that are sequenced in UI sequence after ExecuteAction. All these functions are of 'ImmediateExecution' type.
But these functions are not called in Win 10 version 1703 (that is recently released),64-bit, English OS only , which seems very strange(in other Win 10 OS versions and other OSs, its working fine).
I found that control is not entering the custom actions itself, since I didn't get any debug messages that i had put in those functions. Also, I observed following errors in MSI logs.
1.Open Script operation failed, error is 0x80040155.
2.Failed to invoke __ISWIUnInit, error is 0x80070057.
3.Failed to shutdown script engine for script C:\Users\some-path\setup.inx, error is 0x80070057.

Kindly help me out to resolve the above issue.
Thanks in advance.