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Thread: Disable UAC while installing the setup.exe

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    Question Disable UAC while installing the setup.exe

    I have marked Required Execution Level to Invoker under setup.exe tab of Release still i see UAC popping out every time i install and uninstall my application. Can some one help me how to disable it or let me know how to change the publisher name to Verified from Unknown.


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    Because you set "Required Execution Level", it always pop-up the UAC everytime this setup.exe called.
    There is only to turn off that annoying dialog by low down your UAC Setting.

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    There's docs on minimizing the number of UAC prompts:

    As for a verified publisher: Sign your installation package. There's docs on this too, but for the most part it involves buying a code signing cert and importing it into your *.ism.
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