When attempting to start Installshield, I get a license corruption error. The activation also fails with error 50041 "Failed to connect to the license server". A Wireshark trace hints that the TLS handshake sequence failed.

I'm going through the Email activation, but I'm curious about what leads to this condition? This comes to mind -

  • A long time period elapses between invocations of InstallShield. In the meantime, even though it's on the same computer, same Windows, and same hard drive, the BIOS has been updated and there are many Windows patches. This sort of licensing is this exact reason that I try to avoid using Installshield in the first place. I have successfully worked Installshield out of many other software packages, but when I need it for this package, I need it now, not after fiddling around with the license.

  • TLS security standards change, causing the InstallShield 2012 activation handshake to be out of date.