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Thread: Not selected features installed

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    Not selected features installed


    I'm struggeling with my setup project.
    I've just added some new components and features and had also to restructure some of the existing.
    Now I have 3 features which get installed even if they are not selected during the installation wizard!
    They are all set with install level 1000. There are no custom actions or conditions.

    What can check to solve this issue?


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    chad.petersen Guest
    The machine you are running this latest installer on - has it had the prior installer run on it as well? There is a chance the machine is picking up the Feature choices from a prior install and bringing those into the mix.

    Its part of the MigrateFeatureStates Action documented at least partially here.


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    Hi Chad,

    yes I've executed the installer serveral times on the same maschine.
    But I always have uninstalled the latest before running the new installation version.

    Is there something stored somewhere in the registry?
    All my features and components are independet from each other.

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