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Thread: Can't repair license - can't activate offline - nothing works

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    Can't repair license - can't activate offline - nothing works

    hello all,

    I converted a windows 10 virtual machine from Virtual Box to Parallels, ever since doing so... my 2015 LE installation hasn't worked. I sent the repair for offline mode, when I try to activate it using tsconfig /no_internet it just crashes. tsconfig /repair does nothing either. Can someone tell me how to just blow away the activation so I can re-enter the key? I don't even mind just entering a new key... just cannot figure out how to get around this. I am about to just create a whole new image which is the last thing I wanted to do. Any help would be appreciated.


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    Also having this issue...

    I am also having this issue. The domain "" does not resolve. When I click on the following link, it says "domain does not exist".
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