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Thread: How to obtain the Publisher Keys

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    How to obtain the Publisher Keys

    I have recently ordered a FlexNet Licensing Evaluation
    I would like to test the product by installing and starting a license server on Windows 64 bits.
    For this, I need Publisher Keys to create producer-specific identification data and/or customer specific license keys for installation. These keys have not been e-mailed to me.
    Could you tell me how to find them ?

    Thank you by advance

    Rémi COQUARD

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    Product and license center

    Hello Rémi,

    I've always done by entering https://flexerasoftware.flexnetopera...2Finst%2Findex.

    In that web site you can download the SDK, docs and also you'll have links for the licence key.

    The credentials will be provided by Flexera to the email of the person who ordered it, i guess.


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