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Thread: Basic MSI Project - Custom Action - unable to get installed path

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    Hi Hidenori Yamanishi,

    please explain what is/are the meaning of commit & rollback in "In-script execution" in the custom action.

    I also tried with deferred and immediate execution in "In-script execution" in the custom action but it unable to get installed path.

    You said to me in the previous reply. (01-25-2017, 08:36 AM - Post Number - #3 )
    CustomAction Name and Property key both are same.
    I had applied to set same of CustomAction Name and Property key.
    CustomActionName: "CustomActionForInstall"
    PropertyKey = "CustomActionForInstall".

    I also changed MSI DLL code.
    UINT __stdcall Install( MSIHANDLE hInstall )
       TCHAR customData[MAX_FILE_PATH * 3];
       DWORD len = sizeof( customData ) / sizeof( TCHAR );
       UINT gp = ::MsiGetProperty( hInstall,
       ::MessageBox(NULL, customData, "Install", MB_OK);
       if (gp != ERROR_SUCCESS)
          return ERROR_INSTALL_FAILURE;
    	  ::OutputDebugString("gp != ERROR_SUCCESS");
    return ERROR_SUCCESS;
    Please read my (01-27-2017, 01:35 PM Post Number - #4) and tell me
    what is/are wrong?
    Vijay Kumbhani

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    Deferred, commit, and rollback custom actions in Basic MSI and InstallScript MSI installations have access to only some of the built-in Windows Installer properties: CustomActionData, ProductCode, and UserSID. If you want a custom action to access any other properties during deferred, commit, or rollback execution, you can pass them as CustomActionData. You can do so by scheduling an immediate set-a-property type of custom action to set a property that matches the name of the custom action. The value of this property is then available in the CustomActionData property within the deferred, commit, or rollback custom action.
    Hidenori Yamanishi - Senior Software Engineer - Flexera Software: InstallShield Team

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