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Thread: Issue Setting Up and Recv email after work is assinged to user

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    Issue Setting Up and Recv email after work is assinged to user

    What is the standard configuration for setting up WorkFlow Manager to receive email when a request is assigned to a user.
    Currently have WorkFlow Manager 2016.

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    I'm not positive this is what you're asking, but to set up email you open the web.config file in the wwwroot folder and here are the lines you are looking for:

    <add key="AMSSMTPServer" value="Put Fully Qualified Server Name Here ex." />
    <add key="SmtpAuthenticationType" value="0" />

    For the Authentication type, here are the options:

    The value that is entered for SmtpAuthenticationType determines if Workflow Manager email is authenticated and how it is authenticated.
    The default value of this setting in web.config is:
    <!-- SMTP Authentication Type-->
    <!-- 0 means "Perform no authentication"-->
    <!-- 1 means "Use the basic (clear text) authentication mechanism"-->
    <!-- 2 means "Use the NTLM authentication mechanism."-->

    I hope this answers your question.

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