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Thread: Windows get reboot when compiling my .ism file using IS 2013 SAB SP1

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    Windows get reboot when compiling my .ism file using IS 2013 SAB SP1

    Hi there,

    I have Windows 10 x64 bit machine, and I have installed InstallShield 2013 Standalone Build Service Pack 1 in it.
    I am compiling my project (.ism file ) in this machine , So at some point while the build is running PC get rebooted , and it does not shows any error message in installshield log file. In system's Event log it shows an error that "the computer has rebooted from bugcheck "

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    chad.petersen Guest
    Do you have a support contract with Flexera Software such that you can get in touch with them? Some questions that they will likely ask, judging from some things I've reported that were similar in nature.

    1. Do this happen with any ISM or just one particular ISM file?
    2. Can you reproduce on another system using the same ISM file? With another OS?
    3. Can you reproduce if you convert the project up to 2016 and install the 2016 SAB and try to compile it on that version?

    I can sort of see some of their reasoning when they ask these types of questions.

    Typically, even if they can reproduce it on the same older version, if they find your ISM works fine in 2016, or whatever the latest version is, then they will want that to be the solution because they don't have the bandwidth to fix each issue with each version on each OS.

    I would recommend contacting Flexera directly on this one.


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