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Thread: HotFix for InstallShield 2013 Premier ?

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    HotFix for InstallShield 2013 Premier ?


    I need your support.
    Below URL notice some issues I need fix.

    But I found this HotFix for InstallShield 2013 SP1, not for InstallShield 2013 Premier.
    How can I use this ?

    Please reply me soon.
    Thanks you advance.


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    chad.petersen Guest
    If the Hotfix requires IS 2013 SP1, then just install SP1 first on top of your IS 2013 Premier and then install the Hotfix.

    I have IS 2013 Premier here with Service Pack 1 listed in Help About.

    SP1 install over top of Premier and Professional and possibly other flavors as well. Don't let that throw you.


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