Dear all,

I want to set Uninstall shortcut in Start Menu, so i can click this shortcut to uninstall software.

Because of some reasons, i need to disable change/repair options.
it works all fine in win7.

But in win10, Uninstall shortcut in Start Menu just disappear.
It's weird.
Only Uninstall shortcut in Start Menu disappear, other shortcuts don't have this problem.

I'm sure that disable change/repair options cause this.

I tried to find some solution, such as change another icon for Uninstall shortcut.
It still didn't work.
It seems icon has nothing to do with this issue.

I am very frustrated. Anyone can help? Thanks!

By the way, the following is my installshield setting information.

Installshield Version : 2012 Spring Premier Edition (Version19)
my shortcut setting :
Target : [SystemFolder]msiexec.exe
Arguments : /x[ProductCode]
my General Information Setting:
<add or remove programs>
Disable Change Button : Yes
Disable Remove Button : No
Disable Repair Button : Yes