Using "Installshield 2014 Express" I tried to build a project on Windows 10 (x64). During the build I got a BSOD with the error description REGISTRY_FILTER_DRIVER_EXCEPTION (ISRegFlt.sys, ISRegFlt64.sys).
I found a post, where is suggested to install a trialversion of InstallShield 2015 and copy the file "ISRegFlt64.sys" to the system-folder of "Installshield 2014 Express". Because I couldn't find a download of version 2015 I tried this solution with the ISRegFlt64.sys of InstallShield 2016 - but without success. I still got the BSOD with Installshield 2014.

Is there any solution for using "Installshield 2014 Express" on Windows 10??

Thanks & Regards