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Thread: Problem with Applying Quick patch on versions having different feature name.

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    Problem with Applying Quick patch on versions having different feature name.

    I am currently using Installshield 2014 Professional Edition.
    Here is my question:
    Lets say I have Product A and released its two versions (2.3 & 2.3.1) it to client. Now when I had created .ism projects for these versions i used feature name as "DefaultFeature".
    Then after some years we came up with another version of Product A (2.4) which we had released to client. When I had created .ism for version 2.4 for my product, I changed feature name from "DefaultFeature" to "ProductFeature".
    At the time of release of this new version (2.4), we have also created Quick patch projects for (2.3 & 2.3.1) and those are working fine.
    Now We are currently working on its another version (2.4.1) and preparing quick patch for all its earlier versions. Whenever we are trying to apply this patch on its earlier version, we are receieving an error 2711 "The Specified Feature {ProductFeature} does not found in feature table".
    This happens due to mismatch in feature names in different versions.
    Could anyone please suggest us any workaround for this problem ?

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    chad.petersen Guest
    No matter which authoring tool you use, you are still constrained by the limitations of MSI itself.

    The MigrateFeatureStates is a Standard Action that is run if FindRelatedProducts finds a match.

    As you can read - The method is only useful when the new feature tree has not greatly changed from the original.

    It uses the names of the Features to determine things.

    No workaround that I know of.


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