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Thread: Cannot add InstallShield 2014 professional project in Visual Studio 2015 solution

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    Exclamation Cannot add InstallShield 2014 professional project in Visual Studio 2015 solution


    My build server had InstallShield 2014 Professional SP1 along with Visual Studio 2013. When I open Visual Studio 2013 IDE and select "New Project", I do see "InstallShield Projects" in the available templates. I can also add an existing .ism file (created in InstallShield 2014 Professional SP1) to a Visual Studio 2013 IDE and build the solution successfully. I use "Primary_Output" of each Visual Studio projects from my solution to the Install Shield project.

    Recently, my organization move to Visual Studio 2015 update 2 and have migrated all Visual Studio 2013 code to Visual Studio 2015. As a consequence, when I tries to follow same process as earlier, i.e. adding .ism file in Visual Studio 2015 update solution, but it does not allow me. It says "Unsupported project". I also do not see "InstallShield Projects" in Visual studio 2015 update 2 templates.

    1. Can I use InstallShield 2014 .ism projects in Visual Studio 2015 Update 2?
    2. If I can, what is required to accomplish this?

    Please respond as this is critical for a planned release and I am currently stuck.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Sounds like another version of IS got installed (maybe InstallShield LE). Keep in mind that VS will integrate with the LAST version of InstallShield that was installed. First thing to try is to reinstall the version of InstallShield you want to use (IS 2014 SP1 in your case). You may want to revoke your IS license so you can activate after reinstall. Uninstalling other versions of IS is optional, but may be preferable so people don't try to use them.
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    InstallShield 2014 does not support the Visual Studio 2015 integration. You may want to consider upgrading to InstallShield 2016 that includes the support.
    Hidenori Yamanishi - Senior Software Engineer - Flexera Software: InstallShield Team

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