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Thread: Cannot build install because error Keycode cannot be null

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    Cannot build install because error Keycode cannot be null

    I use VS2013 with InstallShield LE.
    When I try to build an installation which includes some merge modules the build fails with error code Keycode cannot be NULL.
    Exact error:
    The 'Keycode' property in the merge module 'CR11_NET_EmbeddedReporting' is set to NULL. This property cannot be NULL.

    Here is the most puzzling thing: The Configuration Page where a keycode could be entered is blank! (no way to enter the keycode)
    I used orca and entered the keycode manually into the merge module msm, but InstallShield still gives the same error.
    I have tried everything I know and searched the web over but cannot find a fix.
    I am forced to try to reinstall VS2013 with hopes that will fix the problem.
    If it doesn't then I have to roll back to using VS2008 (which had a much less problematic install feature)
    If anyone could help I would surely appreciate it.
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