A number of vendors use organisation based metrics such as number of employees, revenue, number of mailboxes etc. Whlst we can create custom metrics and attach these to our licences we still have to manually update the licences with the value.

What would be handy is to have a 'global variable' list that allows a user to create and update organisation metrics which can then be used by licences across all vendors. As a working example I might have 200 licence records which are revenue based. Today I would have to update all 200 records manually (or do it in the DB), but if the qty were related to the global variable for 'revenue' all I would need to update is the value associated with the global variable and all 200 licences are updated as a result of the next reconcilation. It's clean, straightforward and easy to maintain.

As workaround you can do this today by using an inventory record and borrowing a field (i.e. No. of processors) and then allocating this inventory record to the licence. The problem here is in order for the calculation to be automatic the metric for the licence will need to be set to something that it isn't (i.e. Processor) which means that on the face of it the licence record appears to be incorrect.