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Thread: DB Driven data element

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    DB Driven data element

    I'm trying to create a DB Driven data element in WFM 2016. I set up the external data source using my login credentials. From the WFM server, I can open SQL Management Studio, connect to the external database and run queries. The data element in the workflow returns no records and the following error appears in the log file:

    Error: GetDynamicList applicationID:8088565c-4483-4b7d-852d-7ffdcb0b0d1f, dataMinorID:f162ec46-a014-4c95-bee9-104de69de6a4, err:Login failed for user 'E600016'.

    Since I can connect directly from this server, how do I determine what is causing the login to fail within WFM?

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    Hi Ken,

    Are you using a Sql server user or a windows user? The easiest way to identify this is by looking at the username format - if it is just username, then it is sql server. And if it is domain\username, it is a windows user. WFM only supports a sql server user for now.

    Hope this helps.

    Flexera Software Technical Support

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