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Thread: Error -7354 for ID_STRING44 identified during build

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    RemoveFile Table FileName column also has issues

    Quote Originally Posted by MichaelU View Post
    Hmm, yeah, string IDs aren't directly accessible in Express; we could certainly clean up the error message for this case.

    This error means that the value of one of your shortcut's names is invalid according to MSI rules. (We previously weren't enforcing this correctly.) You should be able to find the bad name by looking in the Shortcuts view, and testing each of your shortcuts. For example, change the name to something else, build, and then change it back. Let me know if that's not enough to get you going. Once we know the problematic value, I can make more specific recommendations.

    I'm also having lot's of issues when I've upgraded to IS2016
    All files in the RemoveFile table results in error -7354 (removing folders is ok => empty FileName column)

    I am using wildcards: eg *.json
    but also files without wildcards give the same problem.

    PS: I also have a lot of ISXmlElementAttrib => Name/Value error which are in my opinion valid.

    Do you have any suggestions?
    Many thanks.

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    I'm pleased to announce that InstallShield 2016 Express SP1 was released yesterday, and this issue has been fixed in the service pack.
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    Hidenori Yamanishi - Senior Software Engineer - Flexera Software: InstallShield Team

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    Create a new uninstall shortcut but I renamed the shortcut from "Uninstall" to "Uninstall Software", then it would build without error.

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