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Thread: hang on installing

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    hang on installing


    install set
    All - featureA, featrueB, featureC
    A - featureA
    B - featureB
    C - featureC

    VM component (shared component) - featureA, featureB, featureC
    Uninstall component (shared component) - featureA, featureB, featureC
    All (standard component) - featureA, featureB, featureC
    A component (standard component) - featureA
    B component (standard component) - featureB
    C component (standard component) - featureC

    step 1. install All (choose All install set)
    step 2. uninstall featureC
    step 3. install featureC

    in step 3 hang on Installing , seems hang on "Install Uninstaller : (Install All uninstall Components)"
    how to resolve it ?

    the install log show
    Install File: C:\Program Files\Test\Uninstall\resource\remove.exe status: SUCCESSFUL
    Install File: C:\Program Files\Test\Uninstall\resource\invoker.exe status: SUCCESSFUL
    ==============hang on this==================

    step 1. install A
    step 2. install B
    step 3. install C
    That's OK
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    Finally, we increase java heap size to resolve this problem.

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