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Thread: Do Flexera Support even look at these forums?

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    Do Flexera Support even look at these forums?

    As the title says, posts have high number of views and virtually no input.

    Would be nice to see the community actually become one...


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    Thank You for the Feedback

    Hi @mcclellandj - Amy here, I am part of the Customer Success team at Flexera Software. I couldn't agree more! I would love to see more activity in the community. In fact, it's one of our team's initiatives. Please stay tuned for more activity. If you have any specific feedback or ideas, please share or email the team at In the meantime, you can track our progress in the community calendar!

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    Does Flexera Support even look at these forums?

    Jez, I understand what you're asking. It would be very helpful if someone form Flexera Support monitored the customers questions DAILY and provided guidance. I've had experience with other publishers ITAM software (primarily Peregrine and HP) and their Support team responded to questions/issues in their user forum quickly. Cut down on the number of support tickets being opened.

    I believe that if this were to happen, the forum would be more helpful and more customers would use it, which would benefit all of us.


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    Monitoring forums

    We haven't been always consistent monitoring these forums in the past. We are now actively monitoring them and are getting involved in most cases.

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