I am using InstallShield 2013 - Professional with Virtualization Pack Version 20 (I have posted this on the 2013 forum, but got no responses, so trying here)

Using a Basic MSI Project.

I have a System Search looking for folders on the machine. Some folders it finds, other folders it does not find, even though the folder IS there.

The Search is looking for a Folder Name, in all driver, with a high number set (10) as the number of subfolder levels to search. I am storing the value into a property, and checking that property at the end. Some folders it finds, others it does not.

For example, it finds "C:\Sage" when searching for "Sage". But it doesn't find "Sage300ERP" when in fact it is at "C:\Sage\Sage300ERP". I do not see any difference in the security settings for either folder. I have seen the problem with both a Windows 7 and Windows 8 machine.

Is there a reason why some folders are not being found?