I have a VB.Net 2013 Ultimate solution with 2 projects in it for Setup & Deploy.
Each one creates an MSI with a different name from shared code.

I need an MSI from each deploy project for IT standards.
One Setup & Deploy creates an MSI file *WITHOUT* a .cab file, which is what I want.
The other Setup & Deploy creates an MSI file *WITH* a .cab file. I do not want the .cab file.
I have compared the 2 Setup & Deploy projects, but I cannot find a difference.
The first deploy project was created about a year ago and I am now adding the second one.

How do I get InstallShield to build only an .MSI file, without a .cab file?

I have searched much with Google and I have also searched on FlexeraSoftware. With both sets of searches I find this:

How to create an MSI file without the setup.exe:
Under - Setup.exe tab under Deploy Project > 6 Prepare for Releases (Build | Setup.exe | Signing - the 3 tabs)
Use SingleImage as the build type
On Build tab: Select Compressed
On Setup.exe: Select Setup Launcher = No.

However, after setting this, I am still getting the .cab file.

Thanks in advance.