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Thread: Password is shown in log file

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clara18 View Post
    Its been there for a while now. phenq although i have by adding couple of lines of code you can actually parse them and convert then in ito ini files. which are secure and harder to encrypt.
    Maybe you found a way arotbart? it worries me having passwords printed in the log files.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DLee65 View Post
    I had a similar problem with a Suite project. I am not as familiar with IA, but if you have the capability to execute phen375 customer reviews actions, then my solution may work.
    During install I performed my work with a temporary password that I did not care if it shows in the log file.
    Near the end of the install I executed my custom action, a C# action, that will change the password to the desired password.
    Thanks for your idea. It solved my problem.
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    Encrypt Variable Value

    Infront of the variabe name, you will see the option "Encrypt Variable value"

    After setting that, you see the encrypted value in log.


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