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Thread: Uninstall button not visible for the new patch

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    Uninstall button not visible for the new patch


    I created the main install with InstallShield 2014. The main install has multiple components. After that I created Patch#1 which updated some files in 2 of the components (folders). Now when I am creating the 2nd patch I am running into issues. The patch installs fine but when I go to uninstall the patch (not main install) using the Control Panel->Programs and Features->View Installed updates; the "Uninstall " button is not visible on selecting the patch.

    The install log did not come up with any error. What could be causing the "Uninstall" button to be not visible?


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    Also faced same problem.

    hi rsam_79 ,i also faced this problem . please reply if this problem is solved .

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    Have you activate the CheckBox "Allow Patch to be uninstall" ?
    This CheckBox is unfortunately not checked by default.

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