Hello All,

i have a Basic MSI built using Installshield-12. the MSI installer Supports push installation from Windows Server 2012 R2.

What I am Doing :
1. Installing the MSI to Windows-7 client PC through Push installation.
2. Manually Uninstalling the application from "Add or Remove Programs" in Control panel.

Problem Faced :
Some files and folders are not deleted from installation directory after Uninstallation completes.

Observations :
-- Uninstallation is not Launched with elevated privileges when launched from Control panel.

-- when the UAC is turned OFF, files and folders are deleted with manual uninstallation.

-- with UAC kept ON and if i launch uninstallation with elevated privileges from command prompt, the files and folders are deleted.

Can anyone suggest how i can launch the Uninstallation from control panel with elevated privileges?

that is, Is there a registry that can be set to make the uninstall from control panel elevated? or any other possible solution for my problem.

Any help is greatly apreciated.

Best Regards
Prem Kumar R