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Thread: Cannot borrow license

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    Cannot borrow license

    Hi everyone,

    We have flex enabled java application. I try to borrow a license for floating license but i could not. I have done the following tasks

    1- Create license file for license server with feature line and BORROW keyword in feature line. Start license server
    2- Set borrow by using lmborrow tool.
    3- Start the application and disconnect from the network. The application license file has just SERVER line. At the beginning of the application I simply check out the license
    4- But "lmborrow -status" returns nothing.

    Do I need to do something special for license borrowing in the application? Or is it enough just using lmborrow tool for borrowing and check out normally in the application?


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    based on the admin guide the enviroment variable would do but im noticing a similar issue as in with the enviroment variable, the application still is still not able to borrow the license successfully

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