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Thread: Apple OS X x64/x32 installations

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    Apple OS X x64/x32 installations

    Does anyone know how to produce the x64 installations on MAC OS X?

    I see the downloads of x64 JRE VM packs for Windows, Solaris e.t.c. - but Apple OS X Oracle packs are without any info about the platform.

    My MAC's OS is OS X 10.8.5, it supports the x64 applications, but all the builds made with InstallAnywhere are x32. How can I produce the x64 installations?

    Thanks in advance! I will appreciate any your assistance in this question.


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    You may want to use a Virtual Machine to run 32bit apps. That's what I have been doing.

    Bishnu Gupta
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    i wish i'll know

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    Enjoyed your article throughout

    That's Great. Great Article on Apple OS

    Being an Apple Fan I liked your guide to fullest.

    Chiknik Rakel,

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