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Thread: Workaround to install in Silent Mode an application in Mac OS X

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    Lightbulb Workaround to install in Silent Mode an application in Mac OS X

    Unfortunately, Mac OS X installer created from the Mac OS X build target at Build>Build Installers>Build Targets do not support running in silent and console modes. The installer created for Mac OS X is an app bundle which does not take command line parameters. To create installers that can run in console mode on Mac, you can use the Unix(All) or UNIX_with_VM build targets at Build>Build Installers>Build Targets. The installers created from these UNIX build targets would be .bin file that can be run in both silent and console mode. However, I also wanted to let you know that there are some known issues with UNIX installer running on Mac.

    Workaround to install in Silent Mode an application in Mac OS X

    1. Create a conventional installer of your application for Mac OS X.
    2. Edit the app bundle of your installer, edit the Info.plist of your installer:

    Go to the folder:,
    if you are using Finder press Ctrl-Mouse click and select “Show Package Contents”,
    if you are using a Terminal session type: cd

    Edit the Info.plist and change the parameter: “lax.installer.macosx.ui.default” from GUI to SILENT.

    3. Now you have an installer that run in silent mode by default.
    4. Copy the files of properties in the same folder of the installer of your application (i.e. You can use a file called “” or [installername].properties.
    5. How to invoke the installer?

    Open a Terminal session
    run the installer: ./installer

    Note: You don't need creates a UNIX installer to install in Silent Mode an application in the Mac OS X.


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    another way

    An alternative is to use open from within a script or the Terminal application, e.g. open --args -f fred/iaproperties.txt

    add the -g option to run the installer in the background open -g --args -f alf/bert/
    - in which case its up to you to work out when its finished !

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