Hello again,

I've one more Problem with IS2013 Express.

When I add some custom Actions (ie. VBScript, EXE-file) in Setup requirements the IS crashes very ofter. The I've to re-start IS and try it agian.

Now I re-loaded a working Project, replaced one installation file and start build a CD-ROM.
After that I got the error:

ISEXP : error -1024: File C:\NIRWare.....\Copy_AutomationInterface2NIRSolutions.vbs not found. Cannot stream the file into the Binary table

This file exists, is on right place and is used in custom Actions. Then I had a look in the custom Actions and saw that this and second Action is not visible.
To delete or correct the Setting, I need to see the Action.
How I can delete invisible entries in this program part?

Thank you for help,