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Thread: Installs Created Using licensed version shows "InstallAnywhere Notice"

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    Installs Created Using licensed version shows "InstallAnywhere Notice"

    I am using a licensed version of Install Anywhere 2008 for creating my executables and I have been facing the following issues in my Installer.
    As soon as someone launches the executable created, a popup comes up showing "InstallAnywhere Notice" This installer was created with an unlicensed version of InstallAnywhere.
    Please contact about licensing.
    Now : This Install Anywhere Installation is licensed and works fine for a separate installer and only on this one, it shows this error. I checked the license and it is licensed via a license server which hosts our licenses. We have a fully licensed version of the software and this error should not have occured.
    I am attaching the image of the alert so that you can take a look into it.
    I am not sure why this error pops up even though the copy is licensed. Name:  Install Anywhere Issues.png
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    Is this issue resolved ? my team reported similar issue today ( on InstallAnywhere version 2009) and want to start from here.

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