Hi guys,

We encountered issue with Japanese fonts on Red Hat 6.4. When we start installer in Japanese locale we get rectangles instead of Japanese characters. Installers are made with bundled JVM (Linux_x86_JDK_1.6.0_29.vm). We were investigating the issue and we made conclusion that the problem is with bundled JVM. When we replace bundled JVM Linux_x86_JDK_1.6.0_29.vm with the newest JVM OracleJRE7u51_linux64.vm and rebuild installer, everything is ok. Japanese characters are shown as a expected. Unfortunately we cannot ship the newest installer to the customer.
We were trying to find work around for this problem by copying fonts in all known font locations in Red Hat 6.4, but without success (one of our customer successfully overcame the issue by only copying fonts on Red Hat .6.3).

Installer does not have possibility for end user to choose JVM. Is there a way to pass to installer as a command line argument other JVM and to force installer to use that other JVM instead of bundled one? Or is there any other way to solve above issue without shipping new installer?

Note: This issue is not possible to reproduce on Red Hat 5.8 and the old bundled JVM Linux_x86_JDK_1.6.0_29.vm

Thanks in advance.

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