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Thread: catalog categories

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    Mar 2015
    Well it seems it think the discussion make me confused because in the thread, participants comments on some other post its ok, but for the comments creating a thread separately and comments on their post really difficult to understand..
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    Dec 2016
    You can view all of your categories for a catalog by managing your catalog

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    Jan 2017
    There are only displayed in browse if they have at least one enabled item in them.

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    Jan 2018
    Has anyone solved this problem. Last reply was is 2014, no one has the right answer?=)
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    Sep 2018
    We purchased this product but it has a significant flaw in that the category page template and the product page template as the same and thus anything you put on the Category page in terms of wordpress content (eg a text description of the category / featured image etc) also shows in the product page. As a result it was not fit for what we wanted it for and we had to redo all our work. I contacted the developers but they were not resposive to fixing this. Beware if you need it to do something like this.? Clean Master Facebook Lite Mathway
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