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Thread: Setup.exe not delivering most of the selected files.

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    Setup.exe not delivering most of the selected files.

    When I look at my log file, it appears that only dependencies (not files that the EXE is dependent on, but subdependancies... files that my DLLs are dependent on) are being copied to my client machine. I've used the wizard AND created the project by hand.

    In a nutshell, all my files (1 .exe, 39 .dlls, 40 .xmls) are being copied to
    [CommonAppDataFolder]\Company Name\ProjectName also noted as [INSTALLDIR]

    Am I missing a setting/checkbox? My .msi file is only 743KB.


    Sean Kelly
    County of Santa Cruz
    Santa Cruz, CA
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    It could be that your msi is building uncompressed. You can change this value in the release settings.

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