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Thread: Reporting - Requests displaying assigned Packager

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    Reporting - Requests displaying assigned Packager

    When a Workflow request is submitted, we then assign a Packager from an imported AD group of Packager accounts. I would like to create a Workflow report that displays which Packager is assigned to the request. When using the "Create a Custom Report" option and selecting "Workflows", there is no option for displaying this information. This seems like a pretty standard thing to include in a report - how can I accomplish this? If the answer lies in a custom SQL query, that leads me to another question - is there ANY information out there that would help with that feature? The custom SQL query feature just gives you a blank white box, which isn't very helpful - any help out there in regards to how to pull information - i.e., common fields, terminology, etc? Thanks in advance.

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    The Activity report can give you the information you want. Please see here -->

    Flexera Software Technical Support

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